Essential Keto Crepes

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I'd like to thank Libby of Ditch The Carbs for her fantastic review of the KetoDiet Cookbook and sharing one of my recipes: Essential Keto Crepes. I commonly use these crepes in savoury meals and they can be used even in sweet meals if you skip the seasoning.

Here are even more recipes from the KetoDiet Cookbook: Double Chocolate Muffins, Turkey Patties with Cucumber Salsa and Paleo Chicken Nuggets.

Libby's review of my cookbook and the recipe for my Essential Keto Crepes are at Ditch The Carbs.

Free Bonus Content for the KetoDiet Cookbook

Nutritional values per serving

2.9 grams 2.6 grams 10.2 grams 19.4 grams 11.6 grams 239 calories
Total Carbs5.5grams
Net Carbs2.9grams
of which Saturated11.6grams
Magnesium16mg (4% RDA)
Potassium328mg (16% EMR)

Recipe makes 4 servings, 2 large or 4 medium/small crepes per serving. Macronutrient ratio: Calories from carbs (5%), protein (18%), fat (77%)

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Comments (11)

Unfortunately, this recipe doesnt work at all. The batter is extremely stiff, and doesnt fry a pancake at all. Adding more almond milk doesnt work, so this turned out to be a complete failure. Sitll on a search for working keto pancakes recipe Frown


I'm sorry it didn't work, I never had that issue. These are crepes that I mostly use as wraps in savoury dishes. You may want to try some of these recipes (especially the Basic Keto Pancakes):


Would love to try this. I like to buy 100% egg whites in a carton. Can you tell me how many cups it would equal to?


4 to 6 egg whites = 1/2 cup, so I think that 8 egg whiles should be about 3/4-1 cup (I'd go for 1 cup).


Where is the recipe???


Hi Sandi, the recipe is at Ditch The Carbs - please, see the link in the post. Libby has included it in the review of my cookbook Smile


Thanks for all the recipes and other stuff on your blog and site. I would love to be able to filter the recipes section on multiple categories, for instance 'vegetarian' and '20 minutes or less' (me being lazy & veggie). Could you make this happen please? Thanks.


Thank you Dennis, we are planning to enhance this feature soon - that's a good point!


Just to let you know, it has been done - you can try the new filtering. You can also select "savory" at the same time Smile


I absolutely love your new cookbook Martina, and I especially love these crepes. With 150 amazing low carb, sugar free and grain free recipes, this should be in every low carb kitchen. Congratulations on adding yet another fabulous resource to your repertoire and helping us all on our low carb/keto journey. Libby x


Thank you so much Libby!! <3


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