New update with 3 new free recipes coming soon!

Dear KetoDieters,

New update will be on the AppStore soon! Here are some of the great features you will see in the new version:

iPhone & iPad

3 new FREE recipes have been added to the Starter package, raising the total number of meals included to 60 and the total number to 145. Simply type "new" in the search box and you will find them! (Citrus mealtaways, Frittata cavolo nero, Pancetta-wrapped spicy asparagus)

Percentage RDA (sodium and magnesium) and EMR (potassium) has been added to detail view of each recipe.

iPad only

New restaurant chains have been added (Applebees, Boston Pizza, Earls, The Keg Steakhouse & Bar, Montana's, Denny's)

Badge counter for meals added to basket (to avoid the mistake of adding twice) and new blog post badge (anytime we post a new recipe or article on the blog)

What to expect next

We are working on video tutorials for KetoDiet, more recipes and new amazing features. Stay tuned! :-)

Please, let us know if you have a request for any feature you would like to see in the future release.

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I just got the app yesterday I love it so far. The only thing is how do I put preference in for no dairy on the recipes. This was the main reason that I bought this app. I'm lactose intolerant. Please help. Thank you


Thank you Barb!
Currently we don't have this filtering option available but it's in our todo list (any kind of allergy-related filtering). What I tried to do for now is that I give dairy-free alternatives and tips where possible. Sorry for the inconvenience - we have very frequent updates and will try hard to do it asap!


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