Product Review: Green Stevia Powder and Pork Cracklings

Just got something I ordered from Amazon: Green Stevia powder (unrefined) and Pork Cracklings. In both cases, I was looking for a good low-carb product that is natural and contains no additives.

Green Stevia powder

I was wondering how GREEN STEVIA POWDER works with baking, smoothies, etc. Natural green stevia has a lot more phytonutrients and is only 10-15 times sweeter than sugar compared to the refined white stevia extract which is 200-300 times sweeter! People often use too much of refined stevia which creates the unpleasant "stevia bitter aftertaste". It's always best to dilute it, as you have more control over how much you use (I use stevia drops rather than the white powder). Also, mixing the right sweeteners is key! Today I came across a useful website. It provides a good overview of available sweeteners and gives details on their content and origin.


Not a big fan of green stevia powder. When I tried it in coffee, it had a slightly "grassy" aftertaste which was pretty weird. It's good for green smoothies but definitely not for coffee. I haven't tried it in baking, but don't think it will work either.

Pork Cracklings

The other product I ordered was PORK RINDS / CRACKLINGS without any artificial additives (Awfully Posh Anglesey Sea Salt Pork Crackling). I use them crumbled instead of bread crumbs for meat or Scotch eggs or just as a quick snack. Most products I found had an incredible amount of preservatives and other additives, but this one only has pork rinds & salt and have ZERO carbs! If you are still worried about saturated fat in them, have a look at my previous post. You can also make your own pork rinds (recipe is here).


I tried them, they are quite tasty but could be even better with less salt.

Let me know if you tried these products and what you think of them.

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Stevia is easy to grow and in a temperate climate is a perennial, a fresh whole leaf is great in a cup of herbal tea and the leaves dry well for storage.


Hi Robin, I actually started growing stevia at home. I'm not sure about powdered green stevia but I'll definitely try the fresh leaves in my tea.


I liked the cracklings and they also have a "hot" variety. Great instead of crisps, recommended! 😊


Thanks, I'll try them!


Great job! Can't wait for more reviews!


I love pork rinds and these are delicious! Just a bit too salty as you said...


I don't like stevia powder either - the drops are much better! Thanks for the tip for pork rinds!


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