The Best Ever Keto Snickerdoodle Chaffles


Step 1Measure out all the ingredients for the waffles. Preheat the waffle maker. You can use a 4-inch Dash Mini Waffle Iron or a regular waffle maker.

Step 2You can either place all of the ingredients in a bowl and mix until combined, or blend them. To do that, place the egg, mozzarella, almond flour and baking powder in a blender or a food processor. I used a small Bamix blender which is ideal for blending small amounts.

Step 3Then add the sweetener and stir in. Adding the sweetener before blending will make the dough a little more runny so I prefer to add mine after blending. Blending is optional but highly recommended.

Step 4To make 3 small waffles, spoon one third of the batter (3-4 tablespoons, about 55 g/ 1.9 oz) into the hot waffle maker.

Step 5Close the waffle maker and cook for 3 to 4 minutes. Keep an eye on the batter in case it overflows (read our leakproof tips above).

Step 6When done, open the lid and let it cool down for a few seconds. Use a spatula to gently transfer the chaffle onto a cooling rack.

Step 7Repeat for the remaining batter. The chaffles will be soft when they are warm but will crisp up as they cool down completely.

Step 8When the chaffles have cooled down, brush them with butter on all sides.

Step 9Mix the cinnamon and granulated low-carb sweetener. Sprinkle over the chaffles. Turn each chaffle on the other side and sprinkle more. Take each chaffle and roll the edges in the leftover sweetener & cinnamon mix so it's completely covered in the cinnamon mix.

Step 10Enjoy immediately or store in a sealed container at room temperature for up to a day, or in the fridge for up to a week. The container will keep them soft but you can leave them uncovered if you prefer them crispy.