Creamy Homemade Keto Eggnog


Step 1Place the egg yolks into a bowl.

Step 2Add the granulated Erythritol and whisk until creamy and frothy. Set aside.

Step 3Pour the almond milk into a saucepan. Add the cream, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Step 4Bring to a boil over a high heat. Once foam starts to form, take off the heat.

Step 5While the milk is still hot, use a ladle to gradually temper the hot almond milk and cream mixture into the egg yolk and erythritol mixture. Keep whisking constantly or the mixture will curdle.

Step 6When you have added about half of the almond and cream mixture, return everything into the pot with the remaining almond and cream mixture, whisk vigorously and cook until it reaches 70 C/ 160 degrees F (this will take 6-8 minutes).

Step 7Remove from the heat and pour into a medium mixing bowl (Optionally, strain through a fine mesh sieve to remove any pieces of cooked eggs and spices). Add the vanilla extract and dark rum.

Step 8Set in the refrigerator to chill.

Step 9Serve! Store refrigerated for up to 3 days.