Low-Carb Pumpkin Gnocchi with Cheese & Pesto

by KetoDietApp.com

Step 1Peel and cut pumpkin into 2 1/2 cm (1 inch) cubes (no need to peel if using Hokkaido). Steam for 5 minutes on a medium heat until soft. Dry off in pan for 1 minute so the pumpkin is not wet.

Step 2Mash with a fork or blitz to form a puree. If using a food processor, pulse so careful not to over blend. You don’t want it runny like a soup.

Step 3Add almond flour, coconut flour, psyllium and salt to a bowl. Stir. Add the mashed pumpkin, cream cheese, 3/4 of the parmesan, egg and salt.

Step 4Stir until combined. Roll into ball. It will be a slightly sticky but should not be wet. If too wet add a little more ground almonds.

Step 5Place into a food bag. Chill in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Step 6Remove from the freezer and cut into 4 pieces. Roll into long sticks on a silicone mat or grease proof paper and cut each stick into 2 1/2 cm (1 inch) pieces. Press the top gently with a fork to give that traditional gnocchi look. Place back in the freezer for 20 minutes to firm up.

Step 7Meanwhile make the pesto by blitzing all the ingredients together in a food processor.

Step 8Heat a cast iron skillet or a non-stick frying pan with 1 tbsp of oil or butter. Gently Sauté the gnocchi for 1 – 2 minutes. (Don’t overcrowd the pan, do this in batches so they don’t break up.)

Step 9Remove from the pan and allow to firm up slightly.

Step 10Add the asparagus to the frying pan. (Option to steam for 2 minutes.) Sauté for 1- 2 minutes until el dente stir through the pesto to warm up and carefully mix through the gnocchi.

Step 11Serve with the remaining parmesan and cracked black pepper. Tastes best fresh, but can be stored in the fridge for 1 day or gnocchi frozen for 1 month.