Sugar-Free Dalgona Coffee


Step 1Place the coffee, sweetener and hot water into the bowl of a mixer. It's easier to make 2 to 3 servings at a time but you can whip up just one.

Step 2Mix on low for a minute to dissolve the sweetener (or use powdered sweetener if you want to be sure). You can optionally add cinnamon or vanilla.

Step 3Mix on high for up to 5 minutes until the mixture becomes light brown in colour and thick and fluffy in texture.

Step 4Get your glasses of iced almond milk ready and fill them about 3/4 high. I have found that the foam dissipates quite fast so have everything ready to go as soon as it is ready.

Step 5Spoon the coffee foam on top of the milk and serve with a spoon to either scoop it out and eat or to stir the foam through the milk.

Step 6Dalgona should be consumed immediately.