Chaffle Breakfast Sandwich


Step 1 Preheat a mini waffle iron. In a small bowl whisk one of the eggs. Optionally, add the almond flour and combine well. If you're using just egg the dough will be quite runny.

Step 2Sprinkle a quarter of the shredded mozzarella (about 1/2 oz/ 14 g) in the waffle iron, top with half of the whisked egg. Or you can directly whisk the eggs with the mozzarella.

Step 3Sprinkle with another quarter of mozzarella (about 1/2 oz/ 14 g) and close the iron. Cook for 2-3 minutes until the waffle easily releases. Repeat for the second waffle.

Step 4In a small pan, cook the bacon slices and then in the same pan scramble the remaining egg.

Step 5Top one waffle with the sliced cheese, tomato, bacon, and egg. Top it off with the other waffle and serve.