Homemade Sugar-Free Salmon Jerky

by KetoDietApp.com

Step 1Preheat the oven to 60 °C/ 140 °F (fan assisted), or 80 °C/ 175 °F (conventional). If using a large fillet, remove any pin bones using tweezers. There shouldn’t be any in fillets. Preferably use wild salmon as it's leaner and better for making jerky.

Step 2Remove the salmon skin using a sharp knife. (Reserve the skins and make salmon crisps in the oven!)

Step 3If using a large fillet: Using a sharp knife, slice long strips lengthwise (not across the width), about 1 cm (1/2 inch) thick and 8 - 10 cm (3 - 4 inch) long.
If using fillets: You’ll need to slice across the width but they may be a bit more fragile.

Step 4Prepare the marinade by mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl. (For extra heat add a good pinch of paprika, cayenne pepper or chili flakes. For extra sweetness add 1-2 tsp powdered low-carb sweetener.)

Step 5Add the salmon and marinade to a ziplock bag, carefully massage and place in the fridge for 8 - 10 hours or overnight. Option to place in a bowl and carefully mix well. Cover with foil and place in the fridge.

Step 6Grease a wire rack with a little oil to prevent sticking. Place the salmon jerky strips on the wire rack over a baking tray (the baking tray is to catch any drips and stop your oven from getting messy). Discard the excess marinade.

Step 7Dehydrate the jerky in the oven for 6 to 8 hours, or until crisp to your liking. All depends on how thick you made your salmon strips. Option to place in a dehydrator at the same temperature if you prefer.

Step 8Allow to cool before storing in an airtight glass Tupperware for up to 2 months, though mine didn’t make it past 4 days before I’d demolished the lot!