Homemade Pink Sauerkraut

by KetoDietApp.com

Step 1Cut the cabbage in quarters and remove the hard core. Discard any dry outer leaves.

Step 2Using a mandolin, or a sharp knife if you’re super clever, finely slice the red cabbage.

Step 3Peel and grate the raw beetroot (I use food handling gloves from this point to avoid staining my hands).

Step 4Grate the ginger until you have one teaspoon and then sprinkle the salt over the mixture.

Step 5Mix and squeeze all the ingredients well.

Step 6Start placing the mixture into a clean glass jar, pounding it down well as you go. I use the rounded handle of a mixing spoon, but anything will work as long as it mashes the cabbage mix down. You want to start releasing the juices from the vegetables.

Step 7Continue packing and compressing until the jar is full and the juices are to the top. If there are not enough juices to cover your mix, place the jar aside for eight hours and give it another press.

Step 8Cover the mouth of your jar with a cloth and secure with an elastic band. Keep your jar somewhere that is a stable temperature, not too cold and not too hot.

Step 9After a week, start tasting your ferment until you are happy with the way it tastes. This is a personal thing, so I can only say that you will know when you’re happy.

Step 10Cover the jar and place in the fridge. This will slow the fermentation down. Store in a jar in the refrigerator for up to two months. Use your Pink Sauerkraut as an addition to your dishes, or as a garnish.