Gut-Healing Fermented Carrots


Step 1Thoroughly wash the carrots, then peel and slice them.

Step 2Place the chopped carrots in a large glass jar or two smaller jars. Top with the garlic, caraway and chilli.

Step 3Make the salt brine by mixing one litre of lukewarm water with the sea salt and stirring until all of the salt is dissolved.

Step 4Pour the starter culture evenly into the jars, and then pour in the salt brine. Make sure to cover the carrots completely with the brine.

Step 5Place an airtight lid on your jars, and leave to ferment in a cupboard or on a shelf away from direct sunlight for 2-4 days. Store in the sealed jar in the fridge.

Step 6The fermented carrots will last months. Fermented vegetables that have turned ‘bad’ will start to dull and even go grey in colour, may develop mould and will take on a really off, pungent flavour and smell.
Note: Carb count in fermented vegetables varies and depends on the level of fermentation (ie fermentation lowers the carb count).