Low-Carb Pepita Guacamole

by KetoDietApp.com

Step 1Prepare all the ingredients.

Step 2Heat a dry frypan over low-medium heat and add the pepitas. Spread out so that they lay in a single layer. Cook 3-5 minutes, shaking the pan every so often to mix them up. Pepitas are cooked with they pop and are starting to brown. Once done, pour into a bowl immediately — they will keep cooking if left in the pan.

Step 3Finely chop the pickled jalapeño, and thinly slice the spring onions. Mash the avocado with the lime juice and add salt and pepper to taste.

Step 4Stir through the pickled jalapeño, half of the spring onions and half of the pepitas.

Step 5Scoop into a serving bowl, and sprinkle with the remaining pepitas, as well as the remaining spring onion and chopped herbs.

Step 6Serve immediately with any low-carb crackers, cucumber slices or sliced bell peppers. Guacamole will keep 2-3 days in a sealed container in the fridge.