Anti Keto Flu Nourish Bowl


Step 1Prepare all the ingredients. Clean and slice the mushrooms.

Step 2Place the lupin flakes into a microwaveable safe bowl and pour the chicken broth over. Stir through and sit aside for 15 minutes.

Step 3Meanwhile, de-stem the kale and chop into small pieces. Finely mince the garlic.

Step 4Heat half of the ghee in a frying pan over high heat and sauté the kale, along with the garlic, until softened but still bright green. If you're using spinach, it will only take about 30 seconds to wilt.

Step 5Remove from pan and then cook mushrooms in the rest of the ghee in the pan. I like my mushrooms crispy on the outside and soft in the centre, so I cook them well. Cook yours to your preferred doneness.

Step 6Drain salmon and check through for bones.

Step 7Once the lupin flakes have sat for 15 minutes, place them in the microwave for two minutes. Remove from the microwave and place pats of butter in to melt. Fluff up with a fork before serving.

Step 8Quarter your avocado and cut into slices.

Step 9Gather your ingredients and arrange them in your bowl in the way you like (recipe makes 4 bowls). Sprinkle with salt and dress with a good sprinkle of hemp seeds. Optionally, you can add a sprinkle of chili flakes for extra heat or a squeeze of lemon juice, if you would like some added zing.

Step 10Store in the refrigerator, without the avocado, covered for three days.