How to Make Ghee at Home


Step 1To make garlic-infused ghee, slice the garlic.

Step 2Place the butter into a pan and start warming up on low heat. Slowly let it melt. Even if you use salted butter, all the salt will separate from the fat and your ghee will not be affected.

Step 3Add the sliced garlic and let it simmer. As the butter melts, pure fat will separate from the milk solids and water. Keep shimmering on low heat. The water will start to evaporate as soon as you see bubbles on the surface, followed by white foam.

Step 4About 10 minutes after the butter melts, the milk solids (mostly lactose) will eventually stick to the sides and bottom of the pan and will turn light golden. Be careful not to burn the ghee! Once the milk solids turn golden, it only takes a minute.

Step 5Take off the heat. Put a sieve on the top of the heat-resistant jug. Place the cheesecloth in a double layer onto the sieve and pour the ghee carefully through the cheesecloth.

Step 6Discard the milk solids trapped in the cheesecloth and anything left in the pan.

Step 7You should end up with about 80% of the volume of the butter.

Step 8Pour the ghee in a glass jar.

Step 9After it cools down, you can either keep it refrigerated or at a room temperature. After a few hours, the ghee will naturally solidify. Ghee can be stored at room temperature for several months. Store-bought ghee does not need to be refrigerated. Homemade ghee can also be stored at room temperature as long as there are no milk solids left.