Creamy Low-Carb Vanilla Froyo


Step 1Separate the egg yolks from egg whites. Beat the egg yolks in a bowl reserving the egg whites for another use (e.g. making quick wraps or adding them to your morning omelet).

Step 2Mix the cream with the yogurt in a large bowl. Whisk until thickened slightly and the cream forms soft peaks but don't over-whisk it. Add the egg yolks into the bowl and gently fold into the cream mixture. (Tip: For a thicker ice-cream, you can make quick custard using the whipping cream and egg yolks. To do that, follow the instructions in my Keto Eggnog Ice Cream and add the chilled custard to the yogurt.)

Step 3Add the vanilla extract and vanilla seeds. To do that, open and scrape the vanilla bean and add the seeds into the mixture. This will boost the vanilla flavour.

Step 4Add to the yogurt mixture with the salt and stevia and blend well.

Step 5Pour into the ice-cream maker and process according to the manufacturer's instructions. Mine took just about 45 minutes. This varies based on the make of your ice-cream maker from 45-90 minutes.

Step 6When done, serve immediately or freeze for 30-60 minutes if the ice-cream is too soft. To store the ice-cream, place in small containers and keep in the freezer.

Step 7I always keep the ice-cream in rather small containers for portion control. Trust me, it's very easy to start with just a spoon and eat the whole container.

Step 8Ice-cream straight from the freezer may be too hard but you know the trick. Microwave for 10-20 seconds or leave at room temperature for 20-30 minutes before serving.

Step 9You can enjoy it by itself or add some fresh strawberries, top with whipped cream and garnish with fresh mint :-)