Homemade Sugar-Free Fruit Vinegar

by KetoDietApp.com

Step 1Rinse and drain the fruit on a paper towel. If you are using cherries, you will need to halve and pit them. Strawberries and blueberries need to be cut in half. Raspberries and blackberries can be used whole.

Step 2Place the fruit into jars with sealable lid.

Step 3Pour the white wine vinegar into the jar.

Step 4Close the jar and store in dark, cool place to infuse for at least 14 days.

Step 5After 2 weeks, the vinegar will get a beautiful color, while the fruit will look quite dull. The vinegar has absorbed all the colour and fragrance.

Step 6Put a cheesecloth on top of a strainer and place it over a jar or bowl. Pour the liquid into the strainer.

Step 7Transfer the vinegar into an air-tight bottle and cover with a lid. Store in the fridge for up to 6 months. (I usually discard the fruit. However, it's edible and can be stored in the fridge. I'm not crazy about this type of "pickled" fruit, but you might want to try and see if you like it.)